News Update 26 March 2017

Monday 27 March is the third anniversary of the David Lean’s reopening on 27 March 2014; an extraordinary evening when punk legends Captain Sensible and Johnny Moped joined the Mayor of Croydon as VIP guests at a screening of Basically, Johnny Moped. We’ll publicly celebrate the anniversary before both Thursday screenings of Lion, so if you have a ticket, please arrive early enough to join us for a complimentary glass of sparkling wine. The Arts Bar will open before both the afternoon and evening screenings. Read More….

News Update 19 March 2017

We’ve had a diverse and exceptional week, featuring five much-appreciated films. Tuesday’s Babes in Arms La La Land saw the arrival of a record number of babies (nearly 60!), with the happy atmosphere contrasting with the extraordinarily intense and powerful depiction of war experienced later during Hacksaw Ridge.

On Thursday, Denial justified praise such as “One of the most powerful and riveting courtroom dramas ever made” (New York Observer), so please keep in mind that there’s another opportunity to see this at 19:30 on Wednesday 5 April. Read More……..

News Update 13 March 2017

There were some excellent films to enjoy last week – the supernatural thriller Under the Shadow attracted plenty of new patrons who left shaken but impressed! One supporter said that “this remarkable film made falling missiles seem less terrifying than the menacing fear of the unknown in your own flat…”

Thursday’s showings of Jackie to mark International Womens’ Day on 8 March prompted a range of views that included praise for Natalie Portman’s Oscar-nominated performance. Afternoon and evening screenings on 21 and 22 March respectively offer another chance to see the film, please see our Film Schedule. Read More………


News Update 05 March 2017

Last week, following a well-received Manchester by the Sea, La La Land had the difficult task of living up to high expectations fuelled by its impressive haul of awards. Some patrons loved it while others would have welcomed a faster pace, which goes to show that our lower-profile films are usually enjoyed just as much as box office smashes!

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