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Three films in our Watch at Home series are now reduced to £4.99 in the last few days of their run. These films end on Friday 10 September so catch them now (listed below) before they disappear.

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LADY BOSS - The Jackie Collins Story

Lady Boss
2021 | Dir Laura Fairrie | 96 mins |  USA |  UK
Available until Friday 10 September

LADY BOSS: THE JACKIE COLLINS STORY takes us on an immersive journey through the trailblazing life of Jackie Collins. Spinning together fact and fiction, this feature documentary tells the untold story of a ground-breaking author and her mission to build a one-woman literary empire. Narrated by a cast of Jackie’s closest friends and family, the film reveals the private struggles of a woman who became an icon of 1980s feminism whilst hiding her personal vulnerability behind a carefully crafted, powerful, public persona. 

Book LADY BOSS here for £4.99

2020 | Dir Zoe Wittock | 93 mins |  France |  Belgium
Available until Friday 10 September


Jeanne, a shy young woman, lives at home with her uninhibited bartender mother and works the graveyard shift as a cleaner at an amusement park.
Her mother wants her to meet a man, but Jeanne prefers tinkering in her bedroom with wires, light bulbs, and spare parts, creating miniature versions of theme park rides. During her late-night shifts she begins spending intimate time with the alluring new Tilt-A-Whirl ride that she decides to call Jumbo.
Finding herself seduced by “his” red lights, smooth chrome, and oily hydraulics, Jeanne concludes that the thrilling new relationship she wants to pursue is with Jumbo.

Book JUMBO here for £4.99

The Witches Of The Orient
2021 | Dir Julien Faraut | 100 mins |  France
Available until Friday 10 September

Journey to meet the former players of the Japanese women’s volleyball team. Now in their 70s, they used to be known as the "Witches of the Orient" because of their seemingly supernatural powers on the courts.
From the formation of the squad in the late 1950s as a worker’s team at a textile factory, right up until their triumph at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, their memories and true magic from long ago bubble up into a heady brew where fact and fable fly hand in hand.

Book THE WITCHES OF THE ORIENT here for £4.99

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