BRIT School short films shown with David Lean Cinema features

In partnership with the BRIT School’s Film & Media Production department, the David Lean Cinema is delighted to be screening a series of short films by the school’s students. A different film will be shown at selected screenings each month. All classifications are from Croydon Council.

The films are:

London.wav (U), directed by Samuel Marino. The sights and sounds of London are given a musical beat.

Cycliste De Reve (U), directed by Caleb Pithers-Gregory. This story of a boy’s efforts to gain a new bicycle recently won the School’s Best Year 12 Short Film award.

In the Middle of Nowhere (12A), directed by Lauryn Jackman. In this poetic film, a young woman searches for her identity.

Storybook Ending (U), directed by Harry Holland. A little girl must find all her childhood friends before bedtime.

Turnips (U), directed by Clint Frift. A Borough Market stall holder discusses how the market has changed over the years.

From Thought to Foot (U), directed by Molly Hart and George O’Regan. An idiosyncratic view of the world of shoe production.

For King and Country (PG), directed by George O’Regan. An impression of life in the trenches of the Great War.

Silver Screening (12A), directed by Idris Ellis. A young man experiments with (virtual) reality.