Latest News – Tuesday 05 May 2019

On Tuesday we are screening US, director Jordan Peele’s follow-up to GET OUT, the huge critical and box-office success of 2017. US is a doppelganger horror sporting a terrific performance from Lupita Nyong’o and we are delighted to be able to precede the show with a spoken word performance from local resident, Shaniqua Benjamin.
Many of you enjoyed our screenings of LOVING VINCENT in November 2017, and now we have another take on the tortured Impressionist – AT ETERNITY’S GATE is screening on Thursday. The film has an Oscar-nominated performance from Willem Dafoe as Van Gogh, and is directed by Julian Schnabel, an artist in his own right as well as an acclaimed filmmaker.
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Latest News 28 April 2019

On Tuesday we are screening BORDER, the Swedish film that won the Un Certain Regard award at Cannes. The two main actors, Eva Melander and Eero Milonoff, underwent extensive make-up sessions and the film was nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the Oscars.
A fine ensemble cast – Robert Forster, Blythe Danner, Hilary Swank and Michael Shannon – portray the father, mother, daughter and son respectively of the family in Elizabeth Chomko’s WHAT THEY HAD, which we are screening on Thursday. Chomko, who wrote the screenplay as well as directed, based the parents portrayed in the film on her own grandparents and her experiences that she had in her relationship with them.
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Latest News 21 May 2019

This week we have two films at the David Lean Cinema, both examining the effects of close relationships put under strain.

On Tuesday (sold out) and Wednesday (still available), THE AFTERMATH stars Keira Knightley as Rachael Morgan, a character loosely based on the story of Brook’s grandmother Anthea. Rachael is reunited with her British colonel husband Lewis, in Hamburg, who is appointed to take charge of rebuilding the city after the bombardment of the Second World War.

EVERYBODY KNOWS is Thursday’s offering showing at both 2.30pm and 7.30pm.  The film stars real-life husband and wife Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem under the direction of Iranian director Asghar Farhadi. You may remember his films, A Separation and The Salesman, both bringing Oscar triumph in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

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Latest News 14 May 2019

This week we have two different views on people trying to overcome the prejudice of others to succeed in their chosen professions.

Tuesday’s film is GIRL, a Belgian film directed by Lukas Dhont which won the Caméra d’Or award, for best first feature film, as well as the Queer Palm at Cannes. The main protagonist is Lara, a teenager who is undergoing hormone treatment prior to surgery, and is also studying dance in a demanding ballet school. Although her family and the school are supportive, Lara is finding the pressures difficult to deal with, and becomes more and more introverted.

Thursday’s film, ON THE BASIS OF SEX portarys the early career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, affectionately known as the “Notorious R.B.G.” by her many admirers, who throughout her career has been an advocate for women’s rights and gender equality.

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Latest News 07 April 2019

Our Babes in Arms Screening Tuesday morning at 11am is COLETTE, with Keira Knightley playing the the French author and social activist, and Dominic West as her chauvinist husband, happy to pass off her work as his when it pays the bills.
Tuesday’s film at 7.30pm is the truly remarkable CAPERNAUM (Arabic for chaos), which, since its debut at Cannes, where it won the Jury Prize, has been garnering awards at Festivals around the world, and moving critics and audiences alike.
There’s no escape from the problems of the Middle East, and conflict in general, this week, as Thursday’s film is A PRIVATE WAR, the story of acclaimed war reporter Marie Colvin, who died in the shelling of the Syrian city of Homs.
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Latest News 24 March 2019

Tuesday’s evening screening is based on the autobiography of Garrard Conley – Boy Erased tells the story of Jared Eamons. When outed to his parents at the age of 19, he’s given the choice between being disowned or submitting to gay conversion therapy.

Wednesday evening at 7.30pm and Thursday at 2.30pm and 7.30pm, Melissa McCarthy and Oscar nominated Richard E Grant star in Can You Ever Forgive Me? The plot centres on the 2008 memoir of Lee Israel of the same name. Once a respected biographer, in 1991, following the critical and commercial failure of her biography of Estée Lauder, the author faced issues with money, writer’s block and alcoholism.

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Latest News 17 March 2019

On Tuesday we have a thrilling performance from Nicole Kidman as you’ve never seen her before in DESTROYER (15). Wednesday is a last chance to see VICE (15) with Christian Bale in the role of Dick Cheney, US Vice President during the period around 9/11. The Thursday screenings of GREEN BOOK (12A) (Best Picture Oscar winner) are virtually sold out at the time of writing but we have an evening re-run of this on Wednesday 03 April at 7.30pm.
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Latest News 10 March 2019

At 11am on Tuesday morning we see the return of Olivia Colman’s Oscar winning role as Queen Anne in The Favourite for our Babes in Arms Screening. This is now sold out and has proved to be a very popular title.
On Tuesday at 7.30pm, we’re showing Vice, the much-talked about biographical film about former US vice-president Dick Cheney. Christian Bale is the unlikely lead, with Amy Adams as Cheney’s wife, Lynne. This screening is sold out but seats are available for Wednesday 20 March at 7.30pm.
We round the week off with three opportunities to see an all British cast in All is True, showing Thursday at 2.30pm (subtitled for people with hearing loss) and 7.30pm. Seats are plentiful for the extra screening on Saturday 16 March at 2.30pm.  With a screenplay from Ben Elton and star turns from Kenneth Branagh, Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen, we find William Shakespeare in 1613 after a fire destroys the Globe Theatre.
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Latest News 03 March 2019

Tuesday’s film at 7pm – please note the early start – is the award-winning South Korean film Burning, which is based on a short story by Haruki Murakami. Murakami must be one of the most well-known and widely translated authors on the planet and yet his work is rarely adapted for the screen.
On Thursday at 2.30pm (subtitled for those hard of hearing) and 7.30pm, we have Mary Queen of Scots, Josie Rourke’s film about the two queens who ruled in the then divided British Isles. At the time of writing, these are fully booked and we are unlikely to be re-screening.
As is usual at this time of year, many of our films are selling out so we have arranged re-screenings of the following popular titles – All Is True, Vice, Can You Ever Forgive Me? and Green Book – in March and April.

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