Latest News 27 May 2018

It’s Volunteers’ Week from 1-7 June and a time to say ‘thank you’ for the fantastic contribution our volunteers make. We have around 100 of them and without their willing help we wouldn’t be able to commit to showing films in the David Lean Cinema.

As one of these valuable people says: “I volunteer because I have an interest in having a vibrant, independent cinema in my home town that provides an alternative to the mainstream multiplex. I enjoy being part of a community project and contributing to something that is volunteer run and collaborative. I have met some really lovely people from my local town who I would never have met otherwise and I find I love being part of something that is bigger than work, family life and my existing friendship group. And I get to watch some amazing films!”

Talking of those ‘amazing films’ we have two contrasting features for you to enjoy this week. Tuesday at 19:30 sees the presentation of Dawson City: Frozen Time (certificate 12A). This is the story of Dawson City, the Canadian gold rush town, where, in 1978, a treasure trove of some 500 long-forgotten silent films was found buried in permafrost. The films of extremely rare archival footage show newsreels, interviews and photographs from years gone by – an astonishing feat of film editing. The story they tell is quite unique – by turns fascinating, bizarre – and true. The enigmatic score by composer Alex Somers adds to a very special atmosphere. If you’re a fan of silent movies, then this is for you.
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