Latest News 28 January 2018

Last week’s films featured the esoteric Manifesto which elicited mainly favourable comments from the audience: ‘odd, but intriguing’. Patrons loved Jane, the captivating story of naturalist Jane Goodall. The inclusion of groundbreaking 16mm footage of chimpanzees in Tanzania made it seem all the more magical.

There was a repeat showing of Menashe on 27 January to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day and, once again, this glimpse into the secret life of a Hasidic Jewish Community in Brooklyn was appreciated by our audience.

Looking forward to next week, Tuesday’s 19:30 screening sees the superb Isabelle Huppert and co-star Jean-Louis Trintignant in Michael Haneke’s Happy End. This latest film from director Haneke (Hidden, Amour) gives him full rein to explore his preoccupations with dysfunctional relationships. A magnificent mansion in Calais is the setting for the troubles of a self-absorbed haute-bourgeois family, whilst in the city outside, refugees wait for their chance to get through the Channel Tunnel. ‘An eerie and gripping parable for our times…’ A few seats are still available, so book now… Read More……