FACES PLACES (12A) – 2017 France 94 min – subtitled

Directors: Agnès Varda, JR

Still from the filmLegendary director Agnès Varda (Vagabond) travels France with photographer JR. Sharing a passion for making, showing and sharing images, they reach out to the people they meet, listening to them and often creating and exhibiting their portraits. Equal parts breezily charming and poignantly powerful, Faces Places is a unique cross-generational portrait of life in rural France – and has made the 90-year-old Varda the oldest person ever to be nominated for an Academy Award.

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David Lean Cinema, Croydon on Tuesday 23 October 2018

Show starts at 7.30 pm, ticket prices £8.50 & £7.00 (concessions).
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VAGABOND (15) – 1985 France 105 min – subtitled

Director: Agnès Varda
Stars: Sandrine Bonnaire, Macha Méril, Stéphane Freiss

Bonnaire won a Best Actress César for her portrayal of Mona – a young and defiant drifter in this tragic story. Using a largely non-professional cast, Agnès Varda’s splintered portrait of the enigmatic woman is told through flashbacks of those who encounter her. Varda, now 90, and still working, is one of the few remaining members of the French New Wave, and this is “one of her greatest films: enigmatic, possessed of a cool artistry in its structural asymmetries and inconsistencies, and as gripping as any thriller” (The Guardian).

Before the film Tony Packwood of local charity Croydon Nightwatch will talk about their work assisting homeless people in Central Croydon.
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David Lean Cinema, Croydon on Tuesday 25 September 7.30

Show starts at 7.30 pm, ticket prices £8.50 & £7.00 (concessions).
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