SUMMER 1993 (12A) – 2017 Spain 98 min – subtitled

Director: Carla Simón
Stars: Laia Artigas, Paula Robles, Bruna Cusí, David Verdaguer

image from filmSix-year-old Frida has just been orphaned, and is sent from Barcelona to a new rural life with her uncle, aunt and four-year-old cousin. image from filmThey are kind and patient, yet Frida will struggle to come to terms with everything that’s happened. Simon’s autobiographical debut is a low-key wonder: sensitive, with a keen sense of place, and blessed equally by the director’s magical gift for visual poetry and the contained yet heartrending performance of its young star. ”A jewel. In its subtlety, richness and warmth it is entirely beguiling” (The Guardian).

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David Lean Cinema, Croydon on Thursday 13 September 2018

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