Latest News 25 November 2018

Our Tuesday film is the debut feature from director Kogonada, best known as a film critic and video essayist – see his website for examples of his work. The story of two strangers who form a friendship while stranded in the eponymous Indiana town, Columbus (12A) is unusual in having the unique architecture of the place become the third ‘player’ as the protagonists discuss their family problems and begin to bond. Kogonada skillfully uses buildings such as Miller House (above) to contain the drama. Get a feel for this mecca of modern architecture by visiting the Columbus website.

Our Thursday film is First Man (12A) which reunites Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling, following the success of last year’s La La land, to tell the story of Neil Armstrong and NASA’s attempts to get a man on the moon. The film depicts the hardships along the way, both in terms of the losses incurred by the space agency, including fatalities, and the effect of the programme on Armstrong’s wife (played by Claire Foy) and his family. Critic Mark Kermode found the film “both powerfully moving and quietly profound”. The film plays on Thursday at both 2.30 and 7.30pm, with Hard of Hearing subtitles for the afternoon screening.

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