L’AMANT DOUBLE (18) – 2017 Fra/Belg 107 min – subtitled

Director: François Ozon
Stars: Marine Vacth, Jérémie Renier, Jacqueline Bisset

Young Parisienne Chloe (Vacth) consults psychiatrist Paul (Renier), and they fall in love. He’s cagy about his past, and Chloe discovers his unacknowledged twin Louis (Renier again), also a psychiatrist but otherwise very different. Chloe’s confusion about the brothers’ true characters mounts, with Ozon channelling Hitchcock, De Palma and the deliciously twisted psychosexual style of his earlier Swimming Pool. Conjuring a world full of mirrors, cats, contradictions and double identities, this playful, sensual thriller will be hugely enjoyable – if you relish a trip to the dark side!

[fvplayer src=”https://youtu.be/xqVGWGG9J5Y”]
Plus a BRIT School Showcase film, screened in partnership with the School’s Film & Media Production department. During this month we are showing JAB (12A) (2’31”), directed by Theo Batterham. This was Theo’s first film, and his aim was to portray a sense of tension.

David Lean Cinema, Croydon on Tuesday 24 July 2018

Show starts at 7.30 pm, ticket prices £8.50 & £7.00 (concessions).
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