Stand-Up Film Club: SUPERBOB (15) – 2015 UK 82 mins – BFI Comedy Genius screening

Director: Jon Drever
Stars: Brett Goldstein, Catherin Tate, Natalia Tena

After a freak meteor storm turns Peckham postman Bob into a superhero, he must face his greatest challenge: going on his first date in six years. Now in British government service, Bob has his hands full balancing international politics, saving the world and filling out forms – leaving little time for anything else, least of all love. But today he has a day off. And best of all, he has a date with June from the library.

Followed by Q&A with actor Brett Goldstein and director Jon Drever. In partnership with Screen 25 and The Croydon Comedy Festival.

David Lean Cinema, Croydon on Tuesday 15 January 2019

Show starts 7.30 pm, ticket prices £7.50 & £6.00 (concessions).
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