Latest News 22 December 2017

All our films this week enjoyed sellout screenings. There are further chances to see Murder on the Orient Express on Tuesday 2 January at 14:30 and 19:30. On Thursday 4 January, we are screening The Death of Stalin again, but the evening performance is already sold out and the afternoon one has only a handful of tickets, so you may be better booking for Wednesday 17 January at 19:30.

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Latest News 03 December 2017

Blade Runner 2049 and The Party both played to full houses this week – the former a visual feast which prompted very positive feedback. “Bleak, but immensely thought-provoking” was one response. An extra screening on 20 December at 19:00 offers a second chance to see it, but if your affection for the 1982 original makes you hesitant to see a sequel, please be assured that it has the blessing of Executive Producer Ridley Scott!

The Party was greatly enjoyed and caused much laughter. It’s showing again on 13 December at 19:30. An appreciative audience too, for The Tree of Wooden Clogs, “a masterwork of the Italian cinema”. One lady was amazed at the age of the film, considering how modern it looked, and another Italian gentleman was quite emotional after the screening. Read more………..