DARK RIVER (15) – 2017 UK 89 min

Director: Clio Barnard
Stars: Ruth Wilson, Mark Stanley, Sean Bean

Image of filmLoosely based on Rose Tremain’s novel Trespass, Barnard’s film follows Alice, a professional sheep shearer, who returns to the family farm after her father’s death. Alice is haunted by the darkness of her teenage years, and is forced to fight with her brother, who has let the farm fall into debt.

Image of filmThe run-down farm and bleak Yorkshire countryside are well captured, and Wilson gives a powerful performance as a young woman ground down by the injustices of her past life and present situation.

[fvplayer src=”https://youtu.be/jFC7uCTwfJA”]
Plus a BRIT School Showcase film, screened in partnership with the School’s Film & Media Production department. For this film we are showing A Bright Girl She Was (3.23 min), directed by Nancy-Belle Hannah-Griffiths.

David Lean Cinema, Croydon on Tuesday 17 April 2018

Show starts at 7.30 pm, ticket prices £8.50 & £7.00 (concessions).
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