A Quiet Passion (2016 UK/Belgium, 125 mins) Cert. 12A

Director: Terence Davies
Stars: Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle, Duncan Duff, Keith Carradine

Screenings at 2.30 & 7.30PM

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Davies’s focus moves from the landscapes of Scotland in Sunset Song to the interiors of Massachusetts in the intimate biography of the reclusive poet Emily Dickinson, brilliantly played by Nixon.

Dickinson tries to battle against the social norms of her day, but slowly becomes confined to her family home in Amherst, all the time creating poetry that is skillfully highlighted within Davies’s script.

Beautifully photographed and with fine performances by a mixture of American and British actors, A Quiet Passion brings out the wit and melancholy of this great writer.


Here is a link to a critique (rather than a Review) from The Guardian


That critique includes a link to the (Toronto Festival) Trailer, which this can be seen below – [fvplayer src=”https://youtu.be/eKJpx8FYp54″]


David Lean Cinema, Croydon on Thursday 18th May 2017

Shows start at 2.30PM, & 7.30PM, Ticket prices: £8.00 & £6.50 (concessions)

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