Film Clubs

Babes in Arms

Tickets are priced at:

  • Babies under one year old are free
  • £9.50 (Adults)
  • £5.00 for people in receipt of Pension Credit, Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Personal Independence Payments (PIP), Income Support or Job Seekers allowance, disabled people, students and those aged 25 and under.

Join us for our warm and welcoming screenings designed especially for parents with babies under one year old. We create a cosy atmosphere with low, comforting lighting and the sound level is significantly lower than usual.

We understand that babies may need attention and care during the film, so don’t worry if you need to leave your seat from time to time. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the screening, and while other patrons may also attend, our main focus is on creating an optimal and supportive environment for parents.

Please note that the film features selected for these screenings are aimed at adults, and we encourage you to consider your baby’s age and suitability when choosing to attend.

Dementia Friendly

All tickets priced at £5 – accompanying carers at zero cost.

The David Lean Cinema offers dementia-friendly screenings, providing an inclusive and enjoyable experience for individuals with dementia and their carers.

The film selection is carefully curated, featuring classics, dramas, and nostalgic favourites and these screenings not only allow for the enjoyment of cinema but also foster a sense of community and connection.