The Beguiled (2017 USA) 93 mins, Cert. 15

Screenings at 2.30 & 7.30

Director: Sofia Coppola
Stars: Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning



The Civil War rages.

Teachers Martha (Kidman) and Edwina (Dunst) shelter their boarding school girls from the Civil War.



But when they take in a wounded enemy soldier (Farrell), providing refuge and tending to his wounds an air of sexual tension builds and dangerous rivalries ensue after an unexpected turn of events.



With her distinctive slow burning style, Coppola (Lost In Translation) adapts Thomas Cullinan’s 1966 novel into a darkly entertaining drama brimming with wonderfully nuanced performances.


Plus BRIT School Showcase film London.wav (2016, 3 mins), directed by Samuel Marino.  This montage of London images, precisely synchronised to music, launches a new partnership involving the School’s Film & Media Production department.
A different film will be shown at selected screenings each month.


Here is a link to the Review by The Guardian , which places the 2017 film alongside the 1966 novel and the 1971 Don Siegel / Clint Eastwood take on the tale.

There is a link to Trailer in that review, while another version can be seen below [fvplayer src=””]


David Lean Cinema, Croydon on Thursday 14th September 2017

Shows start at 2.30PM and 7.30PM, Ticket prices: £8.00 & £6.50 (concessions)

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