2020 Reopening Survey For Projectionists

2020 Reopening
Once a re-opening date has been announced and a programme of films placed on sale, would you be able to provide (within a few days) a selection of available dates for volunteering and to be scheduled 3 - 4 weeks later? *
A change in operational procedures is likely to result in the booth being a strictly single person occupancy area only and will also mean that there is no technical support on site during your projection period although a playlist will be prepared for you prior to this. A cue sheet will be sent via email as a PDF. Technical support may be available via phone. *
Technical support by phone would be best achieved using Whats App as this would allow video connections and make it much easier to view your problem and guide you back on track. In a previous questionaire, everybody (except one person who does not have a smart phone) said that they were either already using Whats App or would be willing to install it on their phone. If you have used the booth wifi connections before then this will not use any of your 4G data allowance. *
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