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2019 | Dir Mina Mileva / Vesela Kazakova | 92mins | Bulgaria

CAT IN THE WALL tells the true story of how a cat, who chooses the comfy confines of a hole in a wall, changes the lives of aspirational migrants, benefit fraudsters and gentrified Brexiteers.
Life on a council estate in Brexit London – gentrification plans bring an astronomic bill for homeowners and aggravate the community. In the eye of the storm Irina, a Bulgarian single mother, tries to breakthrough as an architect and refuses to live on benefits like most of her neighbours.
She galvanizes the homeowners to appeal against the bill with the Council but the English assure her that any attempt to fight the system is doomed. Irina’s family and people living on benefits clash over the ownership of a cat. А different side of British society is revealed to her and she realises she is trapped in the walls of her property and metaphorically in her mind. She takes a drastic decision to change her life.
English and Bulgarian with English subtitles. See instructions below to activate subtitles.
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Film run ends on 31 March 2021.

“This is a terrific comedy-drama… there’s a fresh, naturalistic element to all the performances which makes it feel as though the film was improvised with non-actors, although in fact neither is the case. ” – Wendy Ide, Screen Daily.

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