DLC Infrared System

The David Lean Cinema has facilities installed to assist patrons who have their own hearing aids that are capable of being switched to “T-Position” for use with induction loops. The system comprises an infrared receiver with volume control that hangs around the users neck which creates a personal loop. Each person wishing to use the system requires their own device and these are available on request at no extra charge. Please ask one of the stewards before you enter the auditorium. The device should be returned after the screening. For reasons of technical incompatability, these are not available on some dates if the Council Chamber is in use at the same time. The film schedule usually indicates if the system is expected to be available and is correct at time of compilation. Last minute bookings in the Council Chamber can occur which may alter this situation so if this facility is really important to you, please ask us for the latest situation on your intended date by sending us a message via this form. Or go back to film schedule page.

On the occasions that Council Chamber use prohibits use of the personal loop facility, the system can be used with headphones. In fact the system can be used with headphones at any time should any patron wish to bring their own and listen this way. The cinema does have headphones that can be borrowed but you may prefer your own if you are used to them as the cinema’s headphones are not “top of the range”!