GDPR Questionaire

This questionaire relates to spreadsheet, word type documents and PDF files that you may use in relation to David Lean Cinema administration. For the purposes of this exercise, any contacts held in email address books can be ignored.

GDPR Questionaire
Contacts kept in email applications do not apply in this context. Do not include files that concern Ticketsource or Mailchimp data where arrangements are already in place.
Choose an option that best suits your situation.
USB drives or sticks are storage devices that you plug in to PCs or laptops and are designed for portability.
For example "MS Office 2016". With a document or spreadsheet open, this is usually shown by selecting "Help" and "About" from menu. If you don't see "Help", try pressing F1
For instance: Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Box etc
Please write anything here that explains more than the simple Q&A contains if you feel it necessary. Expand the window if required by dragging the bottom right corner.