Sunday 25 October 2020

An update on David Lean screenings from the chairman of the Save the David Lean Cinema CIC, Philip Howard:

We know that many of you will have mixed feelings about cinema at present – you will miss the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen, often with friends and family, but you are concerned about the risks of an indoor shared space. Therefore, the David Lean Cinema committee has been working on a plan for reopening, when the Covid alert level falls to an acceptable level. This hasn’t been straightforward, as public access to the Croydon Clocktower will remain limited for months to come, but we’re continuing to work with the Council on getting back to the DLC when the time is right. We have spoken with the custodians of the Fairfield Halls, as cinema facilities exist there, but the barriers to using this large, complex building seem too high.
Therefore, we are exploring a new way of bringing a David Lean programme to you. While the global film giants are delaying their releases, many smaller distributors are in a situation that mirrors our own – they need to continue trading, yet the David Lean and dozens of other cinemas which are the natural home for their movies are closed. So, they are releasing these films online. We are now working with these distributors to create a programme of films that you can pay to watch, with the proceeds split between the distributors and the David Lean – we’re aiming to achieve the same cinematic quality as usual, except you’ll be watching from home.
Future bulletins in our newsletter and on our website will tell you about these films, and how to access them online. We’re likely to publicise a couple of new films each week, so that it’s similar to a DLC programme – you won’t have to watch them at 7.30 or 2.30 on a Tuesday or Thursday, although you’re welcome to do so!

On behalf of the whole DLC committee, our best wishes for a healthy and happy autumn, and thanks for your continued support.

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