2019 | Dir Anke Blonde | 107min | Belgium

Dorien (Kim Snauwaert) has everything to be happy: a successful husband, two adorable children and a booming veterinary practice. One day, everything falls apart. She discovers her mother’s long-running love affair, her husband appears to be very close to a colleague and she has this lump in her breast. She needs someone to talk to but no-one seems to listen. Is this truly the life she dreamt of? Dorien realizes it’s time to make some changes. A fast-paced, hilarious and sometimes acerbic examination of a middle-aged woman facing a multitude of challenges, THE BEST OF DORIEN B. is a comedy-drama about a woman who rediscovers herself amid the chaos. Dutch with English subtitles.

“Snauwaert is superb in a film which will tap into audience appetites for grown up, female-led drama. The low key domesticity of the story and clear-eyed observational approach means that it should work as successfully on a small screen as it does in a cinema.” – Wendy Ide, Screen International.

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Film run ends on 22 November 2020.