David Lean Cinema Reopening

We are considering reopening the David Lean Cinema in October, and we are keen to know how our volunteers feel about this. As you complete this questionnaire, please assume the following about the situation in October: the prevalence of Covid-19 is similar to now, with the official coronavirus alert unchanged at Level 3 (“the virus is in general circulation – social distancing relaxed”), no upsurge in cases but also no vaccine. Inside the auditorium, our seating plan would create gaps of over 1 metre, but less than 2 metres, between each seat or pair of seats – we would sell some single tickets and some pairs of tickets, halving our overall capacity. Enhanced cleaning and audience movement measures would be in place, and therefore the Arts Bar and Box Office would not be open.
We are assuming that our customers will feel similarly to our volunteers. However, if you feel differently about attending as a volunteer and attending as a customer, please tell us about the differences in the “anything else” question at the end of this survey. This survey should just take a few minutes to complete – your efforts in submitting this questionaire are greatly appreciated and will assist us in our reopening plans.