Cert TBC – AVA (2017)

Dir Sadaf Foroughi | 103min | Iran

Ava (Mahour Jabbari) is a bright and diligent teenager from a comfortable Tehran home who, like her peers, is concerned with both her academic and social status. However, Ava becomes distracted by a bet she has taken with her friends to win a date with Nima (Houman Hoursan), her violin partner. Ava’s desire is to pursue a career in music but her controlling mother, Bahar (Bahar Noohian), who is a successful doctor, forbids this, whilst her father (Vahid Aghapoor), is willing to entertain the prospect. The divide between her parents manifests in contrasting parental styles and when Bahar learns of Ava’s relationship with Nima, she becomes mistrustful and forces Ava to be checked by a gynaecologist. The incident enrages Ava and sets in motion a series of rebellious acts that irreparably impact her well-being and reputation. Without the support of her mother, Ava grows closer to her gentler father, but she is ultimately alone in her struggles against the constraints of her society.

“Ava is made with superb technique and real style” – Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian.

Distributor: Modern Films – no account required