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2019| Dir Stephen Komandarev | 107mins | Bulgaria

One night – seemingly just like any other. Two police officers find the body of the well-known drug addict Lazar near railroad tracks in Sofia. That is how the night on November 9th, 2019 begins – thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the regime change in Bulgaria. Through a kaleidoscope of intertwining stories, we follow three teams of police officers, patrolling the streets of Sofia and doing their job the way they believe is right, while facing the challenges posed by the current Bulgarian reality. A story about lives saved and lives lost, about survival and failure, about the goodness that never goes unpunished and the dignity we are trying to preserve. A few hours in the life of a society that is losing its purpose, in search of the result of three decades of transition. Stories – equal parts sad and amusing, just like our way of life. Bulgarian with English subtitles.

ROUNDS is the second film in Stephan Komandarev’s trilogy in which he continues to search for a way to diagnose the crisis in Bulgaria and Europe today, focusing on themes such as inequality, loss of values and lack of moral. As a former doctor, he firmly believes that the right diagnosis is the basis of a good treatment.

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