2021 | Dir Laura Fairrie | 96 mins | USA | UK

We take an immersive journey through the trailblazing life of Jackie Collins. Spinning together fact and fiction, this feature documentary tells the untold story of a ground-breaking author and her mission to build a one-woman literary empire. Narrated by a cast of Jackie’s closest friends and family, the film reveals the private struggles of a woman who became an icon of 1980s feminism whilst hiding her personal vulnerability behind a carefully crafted, powerful, public persona.
With more than 500 million copies of her 32 novels sold in 40 countries around the world, several of which were turned into popular movies and television specials, Jackie Collins rose to the very top rungs of Hollywood celebrity with her tales of glamourous lives, fabulous wealth, sensational scandals, and, always, powerful women calling the shots.  Defining her own brand of feminism, and seizing the zeitgeist of 1980s success and power, Jackie defended her racy rhetoric from culture and literary critics, while carefully tending an enormous, faithful, and ardent base of fans.  Her personal life was, at turns, more ordinary and sometimes darker than her fans may have expected. She was a devoted mother of three who made lunches, took her kids to school, and cared for her ailing mother.  She also endured the tragic deaths of three loves, all the while discovering her own power and chronicling her amazing stories.  The last chapter of her life was ‘written’ in near secret.  Jackie lived with breast cancer for more than six years, sharing her terminal diagnosis only with her beloved daughters, until mere days before her death.  Her final letter to fans was both a thank you for their devotion and a clarion for their vigilance about their own personal health.
Film run ends on Friday 10 September 2021.

“A lively tribute to a woman who player by her own rules. This is an engrossing, fast-moving package full of visual interest…” Hollywood Reporter
“Watchable, with some stinging rebukes for the male snobs…” Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian

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