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2019 | Dir Bartosz Kruhlik | 78min | Poland

It was supposed to be a nice, easy Sunday morning. The sun was already up, bright and strong, giving the air its chalky tint. The half-dried grass, the quiet country road, the loud cow – everything in the opening scene of Bartosz Kruhlik’s stellar feature debut, SUPERNOVA screams “bucolic”. But soon, four people show up shattering the peace. In a matter of minutes, events will interweave the destinies of this broken family with that of a politician, (Marcin Hycnar), and of a policeman (Marek Braun), who arrives at the scene. The outcomes are closely observed by the locals, armed with smartphones and with their curiosity, which will soon turn into righteous anger. Everything that follows will seem surprising, shocking, yet inevitable: the narrow road transforms into what looks like a scene from an ancient tragedy, with a cruel deity deciding on the fate of men. Polish with English subtitles.

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Film run extended to 14 February 2021.