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2019 | Dir Nunzia De Stefano | 86 mins | Italy

Nevia is 17 and lives in the suburbs of Naples with her beloved little sister Enza, their aunt Lucia and their grandmother Nanà.
She is a stubborn teenager, determined to get from life much more than fate has planned for her, but it’s hard to be a girl in a place where only men can make the rules and apparently there are no options but make ends meet with little illegal jobs.

Virginia Apicella, in the title role, is a hive of activity, disposing of trash for her neighbours for pocket money, and taking care of her little sister while the adults indulge in more lucrative, but far less purposeful, criminal activities. “Being born a girl here is really rubbish” says one friend – this doesn’t come as news. There’s something undeniably uplifting about the spirit and tenacity of Nevia, wise beyond her years and determined not to succumb to the fate being born female in a container park on the outskirts of Naples would generally guarantee. Italian with English subtitles.

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Film run ends on 31 October 2021.

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