Volunteer Box Office

Box Office Volunteer Role Description

Duties and Responsibilities You will perform an important role as the public face of the Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign prior to screenings and ensure that our customers have an enjoyable and positive experience. Our box office volunteers (BOVs) are vital in enabling films to be shown at the David Lean Cinema.

  • Be available to check and print reports 2.5 hrs prior to a screening – this can be done from home/work
  • Set up the box office and be ready to sell tickets 1 hr prior to screening
  • Sell tickets online using TicketSource software and print tickets
  • Take payments, record sales and report those sales to the treasurer
  • Be vigilant at all times, with regard to the safety and security of customers, colleagues and yourself and report any problems quickly and clearly.

Time Commitment Opportunities for box office duties exist during all scheduled performances as given in the film programme. BOVs must be available to print a seating plan 2.5 hrs (or less) before screenings.

Film times are 11am, 2.30 and 7.30pm. We ask box office volunteers to arrive 1 hour 15 minutes before commencement. We ask volunteers for their availability on a monthly basis and most do 1 or 2 sessions a month. 

Desirable Qualities  You must have customer facing skills, IT and money handling skills. You need to be reliable, punctual, calm, friendly and polite. Most of our volunteers have an interest in film.

BOVs must wear an identifying David Lean t-shirt.

Training  BOVs will be given a general introduction to volunteering at the cinema, all relevant training regarding the box office procedure and a session shadowing an experienced volunteer.  If you are suitable for the role you will be scheduled onto the box office team.

How does it work?

Our volunteer co-ordinators ask volunteers for their availability on a monthly basis and most do 1 or 2 sessions a month. Sometimes a volunteer is unable to come for their duty after the schedule is compiled and then the co-ordinator doing the monthly schedule will contact others who were available and ask them to fill in.

 What to do now? If you would like to become part of the team, simply click on “Contact Us” in the website menu and give us some details about yourself including your phone number and the role you are interested in. Please include “Volunteers” in the subject line. We’ll get back to you.