Refunds and Exchanges

Refunds or Exchanges are possible provided you let us know at least 72 hours before the film is due to be screened.
• refunds – a small administration fee may be charged, to cover any
monies we are unable to recover.
• exchanges can be made for seats at the same or another
screening (if available), at no extra cost. However, ticketing
software limitations require an exchange to involve all the
tickets in the original booking. (If it only applies to some of your
group, you will need to request a refund and then rebook the
tickets actually required.)
The procedure depends on how you purchased the original tickets:
• Wallace Arnold Worldchoice – refunds or exchanges can be
made at the shop if you visit them before the 72-hour deadline –
you will need to take your original tickets with you.
• TicketSource or our Box Office – these outlets have no facility
to refund or exchange tickets. Please use the “Contact Us” form available on this website with the subject ‘FAO Box Office Manager’ or telephone 07741 722555. (You can also use these contacts for Worldchoice tickets if you can’t get to the shop in time.)
In the unlikely event of the Campaign having to cancel a screening we
will refund costs in full. In this situation we will endeavour to notify
customers in advance using the contact details on our database or
provided at the time of purchase.

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