Accounts For Streaming Services

Accounts For Streaming Services

During this long period where the council have closed The Clocktower to all public access we are promoting some films for streaming directly to your TV via a computer or mobile device. Please be aware that although we choose what films we feel are most suitable for our audience, not all films are made available for streaming by distributors. Therefore, some films which are released for theatrical exhibition (in areas that are not in lockdown) may not necessarily be available as a streaming choice.

To avoid confusion regarding accounts that you may be asked to create or log into in order to stream films via our website, below is an explanation of the requirement.

These accounts are not related to The David Lean Cinema but are associated with the distributor of the film. The films that we promote on this website are from several distributors so depending on the film that you wish to watch, you may need to hold an account with more than one distributor. Once you have registered an account to watch a film, please take a note of the distributor involved and the password that you registerd with so that you can more easily watch another film from the same distributor. If you are not sure who the distributor is when you create the account, you will find this information on the website front page (by the film listing) or in the film page itself. Some distributors do not require you to hold an account with them.

If you have any problems with this process then please use our Contact Form with details of the difficulties you are experiencing and we will respond to you with some help.

David Lean Cinema Operations Manager.