Cheltenham International Film Festival 2021

The David Lean Cinema is pleased to announce its partnership with The Cheltenham International Film Festival.

Discounts are available  on standard prices for individual films if our special promo code DLYS is entered which will also support our efforts in re-opening as we receive a share of the ticket cost. Film Passes which cover any 5 films are already discounted but you can support the David Lean Cinema by purchasing via this link. A limited number of discounted  passes are available, see below.
Films are available between specific dates and times so please take a careful note of these although once purchased most films will remain in your account for 28 days for you to start watching. Once you have started watching, the film expires in 48 hours but you can stop and start at any time during this period or watch the film again if you wish.
The full festival programme can be viewed here.

2019 | Dir Stephen Cookson | Dur 91 mins | UK

The closing film at the Cheltenham Film Festival stars Lesley Sharp, Larry Lamb, Phil Davis and Marion Bailey.
Early Bird tickets (£7.99) available until midnight 23 May 2021. Use Promo Code DLYS for extra discount and support the David Lean Cinema.
Film available from 7pm on 04 June until 7pm on 11 June.

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Two British working-class couples return to Brighton after 40 years and struggle to accept changes in society and themselves. A YourScreen account is required. Login or create an account via the film page.
FAQs regarding this service can be viewed here.

Support the David Lean Cinema by purchasing passes for 5 or 3 films using the links below. Use promo code CIFF25 for 25% discount.

Use promo code DLYS for your David Lean Cinema discount on individual films and support us at the same time. A limited number of passes are available at 25% discount if you use promo code CIFF25. Each film pass purchase using the above links will also help our efforts to re-open.
Short of time? Check out the Shorts Programme, all free to watch…….!

Due to popular demand the run of one of the most talked about films of the festival, the gripping Australian drama Disclosure, is now extended to 08 June.
Titles ending on Thursday 03 June include The Garden Left Behind, an emphatic and warmly engaging story of a trans-woman making a new start in life as an “undocumented illegal” in the USA and the cult comedy in the making Dinner in America.
Although the films need to be purchased by the above dates, once purchased they will remain in your library for 28 days, so there is still plenty of time to watch them.
More new titles starting over the next few days, include Kubrick by Kubrick, an insightful view into the world of the famously obsessive director; High Ground, an authentic portrayal of both Aboriginal and settler communities during Australia’s Frontier Wars; Under the Stars of Paris, a captivating story of the unlikely bond formed between a homeless woman and an eight-year-old Refugee from Burkina Faso in a wintery Parisian setting; and, by way of contrast, a dose of British sunshine in the Festival closing film, Brighton.