2020 | Dir Chino Moya | Dur 92 mins | UK | Belgium
Sweden | Spain

Chino Moya’s debut feature Undergods places viewers in a foreign futuristic world, though sadly one that feels more familiar every day. The film’s narrators manoeuvre through a deserted, crumbling, greyish-blue city, gathering bodies as they go and sharing nightmarish stories of a long-abandoned past.

What follows is a series of narratives, overlapping and weaving through time and space with remarkable grace and ease. The threads come together elegantly as stories layer upon each other and crescendo towards a powerful, satisfying conclusion. English throughout.

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Distributor: Munro Films – no account required.

“A riptide of surrealism runs through Chino Moya’s ambitious debut feature, a fantasy suite of tales that don’t so much interlock as butt into one another and blurt out alarming, dreamlike correspondences” – Phil Hoad in The Guardian

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