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2020 | Dir Rémi Chayé | 85 mins | France | Denmark

1863, the Oregon Trail. 11-yr-old Martha Jane accompanies her two younger siblings and widowed, impoverished father on a wagon train way out West. Discontent to simply gather firewood and cook, her rebellious, unfeminine behaviour outrages the group’s leaders. “Control your daughter”, they admonish, but when her father is injured in an accident Martha Jane rises to the occasion, donning men’s clothes, cutting her hair and generally taking control of the family’s wagon and the situation. When simmering resentment of this snub to authority leads to an accusation of stealing, she sets out solo on horseback to track down whom she believes is the real thief. French with English subtitles.

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Film run ends on 12 September 2021.
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Winner in Annecy, the second feature from Rémi Chayé is a gorgeous, feminist coming-of-age western set in the American Far West – Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa

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